The right way to set up your bedroom


Setting up a bedroom is all about bringing an ideal balance between style and function. With a bit of inspiration and some careful planning, you maximize your bedroom’s potential. The clever use of furniture, supported by a thoughtful color scheme and practical storage, can turn the space into a small cozy haven. All you need is to follow this simple guide and start decorating your bedroom.

Choose a color scheme


When designing your bedroom, we suggest you start by shortlisting the color scheme. If you own a small space, opt for calm and muted tones. If your area is spacious, you can also consider warm palettes or moody hues. Grey bedrooms are extremely popular nowadays. They exude a sophisticated and elegant profile that brings an exciting vibe to the room. You can also elevate the interiors using intricate wallpapers or bold textures.

Plan the best bedroom layout


Deciding your bedroom's layout is vital as it gives a holistic view of how your bedroom will appear at the end of the designing process. Drawing a rough design will be ideal at this point. Start with positioning your bed, organize the side tables, chair, and ottoman around it. It is best to set your bed lengthways for a large rectangular bedroom with a gorgeous back wall. However, if you have a small bedroom, consider moving the bed into a corner to save some space.

Invest in practical furniture


Choosing your bedroom furniture is more about the need rather than the design. For example, if you like extra storage, get a bed with built-in drawers like the Stanley bed or an ottoman that opens up to reveal hidden storage as the Grace ottoman by MoltyHome. Now, pick your style, whether you want to go minimal with simple modern wood furniture or luxurious with an upholstered bed set for an elegant and cozy display.

Add some warm lighting


While it is necessary to consider the natural light when designing your bedroom, we spend more time in our haven when it is dark. So, choosing a clever bedroom lighting plan is crucial for a relaxing ambiance. We recommend dimmable bedside lamps or soft-toned light fixtures. But, if you have a high-ceiling bedroom, a beautiful chandelier or an oversized lampshade will be a perfect choice.

With thorough planning and a dash of inspiration, you can maximize your bedroom’s potential and turn even small bedrooms into beautiful multifunctional spaces.

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