Upholstered or wooden, which furniture is best for your home?


Wooden or upholstered, this has been a never-ending debate when choosing a bed. How do you decide which is better? Should you go for a plush one with a padded headboard or a sleek, industrial bed frame? The key here is to understand what is more important for you, to decide on just what you need. Here is a breakdown of what each bed style offers to help make your decision easy and hassle-free.

An Upholstered Bed - Home to a luxurious comfort

An increasingly popular style, upholstered beds are best known for their versatility, comfort, and luxurious feel. They are best for rooms that are too cold as they retain heat by providing a good layer of insulation, especially during winters. You can also try different color schemes and fabrics for the upholstery to complement your bedroom interiors.

The key advantages you get from an upholstered bed are:

1. Being cushioned and wrapped in quality fabric, they lend a soft and luxurious warmth that pleases the eye and relaxes the soul.
2. Their soft yet firm backrests offer you comfort and ease to sit back and relax.
3. With so many shapes and fabric options, you can easily give your bed a traditional, modern, or dramatic twist as per your preference.

A Wooden Frame - Classic form with high durability

A wooden bed offers unparalleled reliability, great durability, sturdy looks, low-cost maintenance, and, above all, a peaceful sleep. Over the years, wooden beds have evolved exponentially, and modest designs ranging from modern to vintage and countryside have been introduced.

Like upholstered beds, wooden beds also have a few distinct features to offer:

1. Made from natural to engineered wood, they offer you warm respite and bring natural beauty to your bedroom.
2. A wooden bed is easier to clean and maintain. A quick swipe of cloth with a furniture polish spray, now and then, will help keep it new and shiny.
3. Wooden beds bring varied style options with multiple finishes from natural oak to red mahogany to style your room.

So if you are someone drawn more towards getting a cozy ambiance, then an upholstered bed set will be perfect for your bedroom. However, suppose you are more into changes quite often. A wooden bed will be a better choice as it is cost-effective and changes the bedroom ambiance with some minor modifications only. Here are a few options that you can explore at MoltyHome

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