Quality Defines MoltyFoam!

I’m so delighted by the aesthetic approach to the sofa-cum bed I just purchased. The sofa bed is super comfortable and has very attractive features. The flip tray is also an excellent little addition to the whole sofa, and I couldn’t be happier and satisfied with my furniture shopping.

Beautiful Side-Tables

I just bought two bedside tables from the Esme range, and to say that I’m pleased would be an understatement. The tables are minimalistic, yet gorgeous. The wood is sturdy and high-quality, and I’m so happy that the tables go perfectly with my bed. The outlook of my room has changed magically, just the way I wanted.

On-Time Delivery

I ordered my recliner in October and was expecting a late delivery due to Covid-19, but the delivery was timely. My recliner is a fantastic addition to my living room. I use it all the time now, and staying at home is more comfortable than before. The material is soft and plush, just the way I wanted it to be. Completely satisfied with my purchase!

I Love My New Dining Table

I adore and love my new dining table set. It’s an eye-catcher. The material is delicate and high-quality, and the shape of the table is perfect to go with the rest of my furniture. I can tell that it was crafted with great care. I will for sure recommend it to my friends and family.

A Bed That I’ll Buy Again & Again

Did I purchase one of the best beds out there? Yes, I did. Truly thrilled with how my shopping turned out. It’s modernistic and elegant in all the right ways. I love the detailed architectural design and the upholstery of the plush fabric covering the headboard.


Sofa Designed with Comfort


Scott could only define an exquisite luxury. An intricate design paves the way towards appreciation of this masterpiece; the detailing is beyond exquisite. A mid-century pattern, the clean lines also speak volumes of sophistication and elegance. Upholstered by plush fabric and crafted with the finest wood and material, it's just lavish.



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