How to pull off all black furniture?



Black is a color of elegance and simplicity in its best form. There are two ways to use black color tone in your homes, either paint your walls black against light wood furniture, or you can include black furniture in your room against light-toned walls. We recommend you to go for option 2. Why? Because painting your walls black can be best when you live in a place with cold temperatures as it absorbs heat and keeps the room a bit warm. However, in Pakistan, we have had a hot temperature with high humidity for almost 9 months, so it is best to use black on furniture rather than your walls.

With the proper styling, complementary color palette, correct lighting, and high-quality black furniture, you can create a classic or elegant room, as per the choice of décor and interiors. So, if you are keen on incorporating this high-stakes trend into your home, we offer you these 3 major tips on getting it just right.

White Walls

Black is the opposite of white, the symbol of purity and brightness. When using black in-home interiors, people come across objections that it will make the room appear darker and small. First of all, it is the black furniture and not the walls that cover 60% of the room. Having dark furniture in your room, you need to bring some contrast in the form of light-colored walls. Neutral tones like beige, cream, taupe, or khaki work well with black furniture as they offer a nice contrast and warmth, making the room feel more inviting. However, the best amongst these will be the choice of a monochrome theme and painting your walls white to make them airy and bright.

Light-colored rugs 

Rugs, carpets, or any other form of textile in earthy tones, are a great way to add depth to a room. As discussed before, dark furniture works best when placed in contrast with light colors. You can match a solid cream rug with your black furniture, or if using carpets, a beige rug with a minimalist pattern can fit nicely into your interiors and provide your room with a modern and sober feel. Other sandy shades will also be equally beautiful with black furniture. The combination will give your room a balanced, calm, and composed feel.

Bright Hints in Décor 


If you have a set theme of monochrome interiors, some white vases, alarm clocks, or trendy geometrical décor in hues of black, white, and grey will work well together, with white taking the lead. However, if you are pairing the black furniture with sandy tones, you'll want to add hints of color to bring personality and character to your space. The best way to do this is through home décor. The addition of planters, cushions, small bowls, trays, or your favorite books will bring a positive vibe. A meaningful painting above the bed with help complete the look.  

So, if you plan on investing in a black furniture set, make sure to decide on a theme before starting with your interiors. But first, choose the black bed set that you want to be part of your home. You can find many black furniture and bedroom set options, from wooden to upholstered, at MoltyHome.

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