Find the perfect side table for your bed


A bed is perhaps the most vital component of a bedroom, a nightstand or side table is a close second element in bedroom furniture. When made the right choice, these add a practicality and style statement to the space. But no one-size-fits-all interiors. Side tables come in all sizes, shapes, and styles, making it an overwhelming task to find the perfect pairing of side tables for your room, not to mention time-consuming.
A nightstand or a side table is the resting space for your bedroom essentials that you need within hand reach: a book, a night lamp, a glass of water, an alarm clock, or your phone. There are some considerations and rules to keep in mind when you buy side tables for your bedroom. Read on for the tips for choosing the perfect bedside table from MoltyHome.

Functionality and Aesthetics

When choosing your bedside table, two crucial elements you need to define; are the functionality and the aesthetics you want to add to your room. The perfect side table will provide you with more than just a surface to organize your essentials. These side tables are versatile and will give you enough storage space and surface area to place your phone, spectacles, and other necessary everyday items. Decide how many drawers you want to include on your side table depending upon what things you want to keep close to you while you sleep. Define the purpose and functions you want the side table to serve.
When it comes to aesthetics, investing in a collection of matching pieces, like a complete bedroom collection with a bed, dresser, bedside table, and mirror, ties your room together. However, if you are going for a bolder, more bohemian feel with a carefree and fun attitude, a different style of a side table that complements the bed and brings textural elements can be a great addition. Play around with different shapes, materials, and designs to add interest to the room.

The Size and Materials

Next comes the dimensions. When you shop for bedside tables or nightstands, a general guideline is that their height should be according to your mattress. Take your measurements beforehand. First, calculate the space between the edge of the wall and the bed, and then the height of your bed. The width of the bedside table is also an important consideration. Imagine reaching out for a glass of water or hitting your snooze button early morning. Your table should be within reach, not too low or too high. Besides this, the dimensions of the objects you place on your nightstands also need to be considered. A large table lamp on a small nightstand will look out of place.

Style and Material

There are numerous ways to get creative with nightstands to add whimsy and character to your space. Go classic with a standard two-drawer side table, or take a modern approach with one drawer on top and a hollow space under to display magazines and books. Add a small tray to organize your nighttime necessities for a cleaner look. Pick and choose your fabric if you are looking for an upholstered side table, or wisely select the polish finishing that complements your bed.
The material used in your bedside table has a significant impact on the look and feel of your bedroom. A traditional bedroom uses a side table made from natural wood or one that has a painted finish. On the other hand, modern bedrooms enclose trendy structures with upholstered side tables, glass embellishments, brass inlays, or a polished finish.
A bedside table with drawers is ideal for storing your files, keys, medications, glasses, and other daily essentials. If you are an avid reader, the bottom space of the bedside table can serve as the perfect spot to store your books. Open shelve at the bottom with one drawer on top are great for displaying magazines and books for bedtime readers.

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