The best arrangement for a recliner in small homes


Arranging furniture in an ideal layout is the first step to creating a comfortable living space. The task gets complicated if the area per square foot is small with limited options for alignment. At this point, it is essential to include only the necessary furniture in the best plan. A house with square-shaped rooms is balanced and symmetrical and thus requires greater balance in furniture and decor. You need to consider the size and shape of the room before making any arrangements and purchases. If the recliner is positioned in the lounge with an open kitchen across, the recliner sofa will most likely be the focal point. Therefore, where you place the recliner at home should make it functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The placement

The recliner is the power seat of every home’s living room. It is the most comfortable piece of furniture on which you can easily lean back and doze off after reading your favorite novel. Whoever owns this love seat will have his body’s contours molded into it for ultimate relaxation. However, if positioned wrong, this rugged seat can cause a mismatch with the rest of the furniture and interiors in the room. Therefore, when arranging your recliner sofa, it is essential to think about the room, available space, size, and other furniture products that go with it. Here, we have listed some impressive tips on how to place your recliner sofa without going out of style.

Recline in the corner

The simplest way to position your recliner at home without disturbing the overall layout is to set it up in a corner in your living room. You can place it against the wall in a large setting or near the balcony in a small lounge. Arranging the recliner based on how you want the room to function will also help you decide how you want to deck up the interiors of the living room. You need to choose a space with plenty of natural light and a pleasant view to enjoy as you relax and sip your tea. 

Create a Focal Point

For smaller homes, positioning the relaxor alongside a sofa setting dedicated to catering to your guests and bringing a balance in furniture arrangement is crucial to create a focal point. Create a division with the sofa set on one side and a reclining spot on the other end. Focus on a visual division. Set a direction, remove the clutter, and highlight the essentials. Place the recliner facing diagonally to the window or balcony. You can place the relaxor in the middle or back near a wall but keep enough space to recline. Amp up the area by spreading a rug and an end table on the side.

Nevertheless, if you want to create a personal corner without any disturbance, the best place to position your recliner would be a small room dedicated to creating a cozy area for relaxation. You can give this space a new look with a warm theme and make it part of your study.

Bring in a Balance

Setting up a separate space for your recliner is comparatively easy. However, in an open space with connected rooms, you view a larger area with multiple furniture items in a single glance. Setting this space can be rather tricky as you want the room to be balanced and not take away from the design. If your recliner is the largest piece of furniture in your lounge, consider arranging it first before incorporating additional seatings and decor. The best way to do this is to center your recliner and add elements around the room.

Alternatively, if there are other larger seatings that you want to incorporate, consider the recliner as a love seat in the corner. You can also opt for a pair of recliners to create a separate setting that blends in with the lounge setup. Place a coffee table in the center and a planter behind. If you are struggling to find the right recliner for your home, check out the MoltyHome website and order a recliner online for the comfort of your home.


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